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Stenner Pump Company has been manufacturing high quality peristaltic pumps for accurate chemical & solution feeding/dosing/metering since 1957 for a variety of markets including car wash, industrial, water treatment, municipal, irrigation, food/beverage and more. These pumps can handle a large range of liquid solutions including chlorine, detergents, waxes, acids, pesticides, soda ash, lubricants & alkalines.

Stenner Features

Stenner peristaltic pumps are self-priming and accurate. Stenner pumps eliminate downtime from prime loss because of its peristaltic pumping action. Stenner peristaltic pumps do not need troublesome degassing valves. These pumps can run dry if the tank runs out without damage to it. Refill the tank and the pump will prime. The nearly modular design saves on servicing time. All major pump components are secured by stainless locking rivets, making the units easy to disassemble without tools..

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